Hello and Welcome

Hello and Welcome

Somehow you landed here at Beaucampers so let's tell you what you might find.

We're Brooke and Luke Beauchamp and we're on a grand roadtripping adventure. On this journey we want to love people, experience life unstructured and see incredible places. We hope you follow along with us. We promise you'll witness the joy, laughter, love [and probably some tears] of this next phase in our life. You'll also hear from all of us including the two fur kids Sox and Shoester.

We also want to emphasize the connections between communities along the way, so look for posts about friends we meet! Want to be one of those people? Follow us on Instagram to find out where we're going next and meet up.  You can also shoot us an email or leave a comment!

Want to learn a little more about us? Let's dive in.

About Brooke

You know that person who has their whole life planned out? Yeah, that’s me. Well that was me. If you looked in a crowd and said “hmm which one of these people would uproot their whole life and just … “wing it” it would not have been me. But, that’s exactly why I’m here and why I want this blog to exist. Life isn’t about working a 9-5, sitting on the couch snuggling your puppies and eating hot cheetos [even though that’s also amazing]. I want to learn more about and experience a fulfilling life that is focused on what really matters. Also, I hope I can encourage others like me to go have a grand adventure…it doesn’t have to be like ours, but a chance to be fearless and do something that will truly show you life.

About Luke

Erm… Hi. My name is Luke, I’m the quiet, introverted half of this marriage. I’ll still talk your ear off about anything abstract, science fiction or philosophy. Otherwise, I look for the newness in life on a daily basis, so getting this adventure going has been such an exciting process for me.  Every day is going to be new and inspiring, but I think I’m most looking forward to being cut-off from all the daily distractions of routine life. This will allow more insight into the wonderful woman who is my wife by encouraging new conversations and discovering new dreams. I am especially looking forward to all the people we meet along the way and anyone that might be tuning into this blog. Sometimes people just need a little inspiration to take the first step in a new direction, and I hope this blog will provide just that. So stick around a while and join us for our upcoming shenanigans!

Meet Sox

Woof! Bark! Bark! I'm Sox and I'm the road trip guard dog. If there is a dog in the area, my humans and Shoester are protected. I'm also the hiking guide, just follow me and you will be just fine. I'm mostly looking forward to new smells. Ouh and feeling the wind in my ears in the car. Ouh and squirrels. I'll be your best friend too, and always want to share a meal with my friends.

Meet Shoester

Yip! Grunt. Bark. HI I'M SHOESTER. Want to rub my belly? Okay! I'm the roadtrip entertainment, whatever that means. My mom says I make her laugh and keep her busy picking everything out of my mop-like fur. Do you have a dog? I love dogs. Oh and food. Oh and being pet, specifically my belly. I'm most excited to be with my humans everyday for this trip, but I'm not excited about being in that box on wheels. I hope I don't get sick. Oh, hi! Want to rub my belly?