The Adventure Approaching

The Adventure Approaching

Brooke here coming at you with the first official blog post.


The time draws near for our adventure and it was the perfect time to get the first post on its way to you. I want this blog to be a place where you get real insight into our journey and our thoughts along the way. I’ve always considered myself an open book and I’m not afraid to “get real”. So with that, let’s talk about anxiety.

My whole life the phrase “are you excited?” made me feel really weird. What is excitement?! do I look forward to it? Definitely! Mentally do I just wake up every day and say “oh my gosh yesssssss” no. The past few years I think I figured out that the normal “excitement” for me actually rears its head as anxiety, so maybe that’s why I’ve never liked the question. With two weeks left until the biggest change in my whole life and throwing away most of the possessions I’ve had for 10+ years, you can probably imagine the anxiety I feel. Anxiety is motivating to me though … weird right? Like I’d rather get my whole apartment packed/given away/ thrown out in one huge stent then see it all sitting around me for weeks … that way I can sit in peace and finally relax.

So here I am two weeks out.

Still working. Half packed. Anxious. And then, you all come in.

Every person I have talked to about this next phase of my life has been so encouraging. All of you have offered so much reassurance and again and again, are showing me why Luke and I made this decision in the first place. You’re reminding me WHY I want to jump out of my comfort zone, throw caution to the wind and just live. I’ve heard stories about similar things people have done, a lot of “man I’d love to do that” and so many offers to meet up in your area if we are around. These are the reasons I’m here and pushing through those bad voices in my head that are trying to convince me to stay home. Thank you. Seriously I can’t say it enough. Your words and excitement have meant so much to me and helped me in more ways than you could know.

ps. to all of you who have said the “man I’d love to do that” or ” I wish I could do that” I hope this blog shows you that you can. The only thing stopping you is you … and a million excuses. I had them too.

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    1. No ideas yet at all! We’ll be in Kansas City from August 3-8, but after that its totally open. We know we’re going to go north, but haven’t decided which way we’ll get there.

  1. We’ve been there & done that via military moves & vacations. Looking forward to following your adventure. We’d still be at it if age hadn’t slowed us down. May you be continually blessed & know that God is present with you. Loving you!

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