Vroom Vroom First.

Vroom Vroom First.


Many people have asked us “so, where are you going first?”. Well to answer once and for all, it makes sense to just make a post about it.

Our Beauchamp side of the family lives near Kansas City and months back had offered some storage unit space for any belongings we wanted to pack up. They also have a truck and a cargo trailer that they offered to drive to Phoenix and help us get our small amount of things to KC. Luke and I took them up on their offer and decided to start our adventure out of Arizona on a caravan trip with them back to their home.

The journey:

We left August 3rd and drove about 12 hours to a LaQuinta Inn in Tucumcari, New Mexico. When we arrived, it had just started raining. For the most part, the rain was a welcome aspect, since we’d be inside and all, but the dogs were definitely sad about it [more from them in the next post.]

Fun fact: LaQuinta’s don’t charge an additional pet fee. So, dog traveling friends, this is a decent option for your road trip. They also offer a free breakfast in the morning.

Okay, back to the journey.
The drive was pretty “drivey” … you know, nothing exciting. We discovered new music, listened to podcasts and switched drivers for nap breaks.

The next morning we loaded up, grabbed breakfast, filled up the tank and headed off. The rain was still around, but pretty mild. The coolest part about driving the morning stretch was the rolling fog and low clouds that surrounded us.

Imagine this: Fog creeping along the two-lane road and no other cars in sight. The sounds of Pandora‘s “Chill Out” station creating an ambiance of relaxation. 

The fog and storms cleared and the rest of the trip was full of straight roads and repeating towns. Although the fastest, US 54 was not the most entertaining route.  Finally, we arrived at our destination of Lansing, KS which is on the eastern side of the state. We did a dog intro with the other dogs in the house and once we saw everyone was going to get along, we called it a night.

There you have it! Lansing will be our stomping ground until Thursday…and after that? Well, we will all find out together. [No seriously, we really meant it when we said we have no itinerary.]

To get the most up to date information on where we’re headed and photos along the way, visit our Instagram.

2 thoughts on “Vroom Vroom First.

  1. It was so great to go to Phoenix and then come back with you! Yep, long trip. But definitely worth it to “hang” with you for a bit. My prayers are with you as you have now begun your journey in earnest. I’ll be following you!!!!!

  2. Glad to hear and read that your adventure has started out on a positive note. Continued success with it. We will be headed to Missouri/ Kansas on Friday for a little r and r. Ill keep reading your posts and hope it brings you all much happiness. You deserve it. Love ya both . Take care and be careful.

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