I dunno … in Idaho.

I dunno … in Idaho.

Luke found a really cool spot in Idaho, it was a Birds of Prey Wilderness Sanctuary. We drove through it and were awed by its scenery, but weren’t so awed by the 95-degree temperatures in the area. This place also lacked shade and had a no fire policy, so we decided to change course and find a new place. Part of this journey is about learning to be flexible and okay when things don’t work, so it was good to be able to make an on the fly plan B. We had a sort of destination in mind for this trip so we had to find somewhere that was still on the way. Usingour trusty campsite app, we found a forest road we could turn off, so we drove an additional two hours and made our way there. It was kind of a weird drive up the mountain with alot of private property signs and just a steep cliff heading to the top. After we got through the signs and passed the cows, we decided to park and walk to see if there was any clearing at all. A short walk later, we saw a mobile home around the corner. We walked up and asked if we could share the clearing with them and they gave us the thumbs-up. We quickly set up camp and got our dinner underway. Luke and I started talking over dinner and were both having an “I dunno about this whole thing” conversation. I had noticed Luke’s change in demeanor the few days prior and was glad they could talk about it. For any of you who don’t know, it took Luke years to get me even okay with the idea of this roadtrip, so to hear that he wasn’t “loving it” was a struggle for me. I couldn’t say there weren’t days I didn’t agree. But I felt such peace about this trip and am determined to stick it out. As the conversation continued, we both realized something … the motel nights were actually hurting us. We’d get to a motel, lay in a comfy bed, have A/C, sit with our internet and TV just like we did at home… it was back to the old routine. That one night completely took us out of where we are and why we are doing this. We agreed that the motel nights needed to go away, at least for a few weeks and see if it helps. Our budget also thanked us.

We went to bed that night more peaceful than we had been. That talk renewed both of us and brought us closer together. We had such a fun time the next day making coffee, breakfast, playing games and chatting with our neighbors before they headed out. It was a family of three from Canada and the “third” one was a 6-year-old named Ericson. They had been pretty much full time on the road for two years. We learned about how Ericson goes to school anywhere he is and they also teach him while on the road as well. They spend summers with their community in Edmonton but still live in their mobile home. In the winters they find an apartment in the south until it warms up again. Seeing this little boy so excited about walking through the woods or handing us his “business” card to stay in touch also helped us find a renewed joy. We really want kids and it’s been great seeing kids who are thriving in this lifestyle.

Luke wanted to go on a hike because he saw a path that led down into the forest. We grabbed some large sticks we found to use as hiking sticks and started walking. Two things about this hike: One, there was a path for about ten seconds. Remember the last post about me struggling hiking? Insert that copy here. The top picture of this post represents this hike, but similarly to pushing through on that adventure, I went. Two, there were these terrible plants and we have no idea what they were but they seemed like they were made of Velcro. The dogs were covered! It’s a little hard to tell in the photo, but poor Shoester hated us after the hike.

After we brushed and cleaned the dogs we laid out the tarp to try and help keep everyone from getting dirty again. The rest of the day we played games and rested. For dinner, we made this really great recipe from my Pinterest board called Cowboy Stew. We even had enough for leftovers and that was okay with us. That night we went to bed ready to pack up in the morning and continue our Idaho adventure.

Thank you, Boise National Forest for providing renewal.

– the Beaucampers

3 thoughts on “I dunno … in Idaho.

  1. What an amazing story. god is really taking you to new heights and giving you rest and excitement. I’m so glad to hear. Life is adventure…God is good all the time. Love, Mum

  2. You all should be commended on the openness of your conversations when life seems to throw a curveball on your plans. A lot of relationships lack the ability to talk things out and actually listening to each other viewpoints, but it seems like the two of you, and your marriage are maturing quickly. Kudos to you both. We grew up with those pesty velcro things that stuck on everything, so I can relate to your, and the puppies ,struggles. Just remember, in times of struggles, you all get stronger and a lesson will be revealed to you that will only make you more wise and dedicated to complete the goal that you all set for yourselves. Nice to hear about the people you are running into along the way. They seem to be very nice. Just remember to always love and support one another.

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