Ode to the toad

Ode to the toad

There once was a dog named Sox.
He thought he was clever as a fox.
While on the road,
He bit a toad,
And that’s when things went south.
He started foaming at the mouth!
Confused and afraid,
His parents became dismayed.
When he vomited at midnight
It caused quite a fright!
But the Googlez said he’d be okay
Oh, what a happy day.

The morale of this story kids is that Google knows everything. Or maybe it’s that if your dog ever bites or eats a toad, you should check out a site like this.

5 thoughts on “Ode to the toad

    1. well the biggest clue was that the toads they said were really bad weren’t listed in Nebraska, but we also said we’d watch him overnight and if he was worse we would have found a vet.

  1. Poor, poor Sox (Mommy and Daddy too!). Glad he’s ok. Beau did that in Fayetteville years ago. It was freaky.

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