Oh San Antonio.

Oh San Antonio.

After Arizona, we planned on driving to New Mexico and camping for a night before we headed to San Antonio. This actually was going to be one of the last camp nights of the trip, so I tried to find a good spot. Boy were we surprised by New Mexico’s beauty. I had no idea it had such diverse terrain. No offense to the place but I always thought it was an uglier version of Arizona, but we drove through southern New Mexico in the Las Cruces area and it was beautiful. The place I found was in the Cloudcroft area which was a super cute ski town. When we were driving through it started to get dark, and there was a weird misty drizzle falling from the sky. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the correct turnoff to the camp spot on the ground and between night approaching and the weather, it was time for the infamous plan B. Plan B pretty much entailed staying at a  LaQuinta Inn, it just made the most sense. Luke and I were a little bummed that our camping plans got nixed, but it was a really restful night. The next morning the mist was still coming down and we made our way to San Antonio where we were meeting up with an old friend of Luke’s who lived there.

Now, something you all have to know about this stop in our trip. We have some relationship history in San Antonio. Luke lived there for a few years when he was first going to college and one spring break he decided to drive the 12 hours to visit me after not seeing each other for over 8 years. We’ve always had this undeniable chemistry, and the spring break week we spent together just enhanced that. At this time in life, Luke was in the National Guard and about to deploy to Iraq. He was going through his own worries and process to prepare for that and one of those was to get rid of relationships in his life. He called me one day and told him I could never speak to him again and to forget our friendship, or whatever else we were, ever existed. I was devasted not only because of the chemistry we had but because I watched someone I care about want to be abandoned; I couldn’t accept that. I had Luke’s address and that night I bought a roundtrip plane ticket to San Antonio. And the next day, I showed up on his doorstep.

I’m just going to side note here for all the men reading this and say yes. This was completely insane, and people write movies about stalkers like I was being, but hey…sometimes you got to go with your heart.

Luke obviously wasn’t the happiest about it, but I knew how stubborn he was and that only a grand gesture would really show him how much someone cared about him. I only stayed there about four hours before he dropped me off at the airport where I spent the night. It was a rollercoaster experience, but I don’t regret it for a second. It’s amazing to think that 7 years later we’d be married.

So, needless to say, a do-over of seeing San Antonio was much needed. Originally we were just going to drive to Austin and see friends, but he wanted to show me around San Antonio and my romantic heart couldn’t have been more excited.

We visited his friend Roxy and her partner for the evening and it was fun to hear their stories from college days. The next day we left for the RiverWalk and we decided to explore even though it was drizzling outside. I didn’t really know what to expect from this place, but I was so impressed. It was beautiful and the restaurants were so fun. I loved that they had water taxis to take you around from shop to shop and also a decent amount of live music. The dogs got a great workout from the long walk, so much so that when we stopped to eat they just slept under the table.

We decided not to do much after the RiverWalk because of the rain, but I was completely satisfied with my date in San Antonio with my best friend and furkids. I actually shed a happy tear as we drove out of the city because that first experience was so worth the heartache for this exact moment.

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