Our Adventure is just beginning

Our Adventure is just beginning

After San Antonio, we drove north two hours and spent the next few days with friends. We actually had time apart because Luke spent his days with his friends Kris, Bryce and David and I spent mine with my friends Amanda and Alicia. It felt weird to be alone since we’d been together for over 45 days in a row, but it was really good to spend quality time with friends as well.

After Austin, we drove about an hour north to Belton, where Luke’s grandparents live and spent time with them. They have a beautiful backyard with mature trees that Sox loved chasing squirrels up. The backyard led to a creek and the dogs had such a fun time exploring that yard. Since the dogs had to stay in the room most of the day Luke suggested we take them on a nice long walk and he knew just the place. It was a long walking path that also passed a creek, a playground, basketball courts and a cute little white Church. I enjoyed all the people watching and letting the dogs explore.

We only stayed in Belton two days before we left for our next destination: Oklahoma. We debated this stop because it was only 10 hours to our final destination in Kansas and part of us just thought we should make the treck, but we also had that longing to camp one more night. Unfortunately, we learned that most camping in Oklahoma requires a hunting or fishing permit and the spot I found online was no exception. There didn’t seem to be too many spots listed on our way so we just decided to bite the bullet and drive. We arrived in Kansas pretty late, so I couldn’t really process how I felt.

This was the end of our grand adventure. 60 days and 10,000 miles later we arrived in Kansas. Our only belongings lived in a 5×5 storage unit and our car. No jobs, a little bit of savings and a lot of faith. In some ways, our adventure just started. I’ve never moved out of Arizona before and to move to a brand new place with no plans for what is next is terrifying, brave and exciting.

I learned so much about myself, my relationship and my dogs on this trip I don’t think I could write it all. I will share these truths… anyone can do this and you’ll never feel ready. I’ll expand on these a little more:

Anyone can do this: I’m not an outdoorsy person. The minute I get sore from working out, I stop working out, ha. I’m largely a couch potato that likes to travel, so I don’t fit the type of people you see on Instagram or Outside Magazine. I could help you come up with so many excuses to never leave your comfort zone because I told myself them for three years, but it’s one of the most rewarding things I have done in my life. You’ve seen our journey, we didn’t hit all the hot spots and I’ve seen more cows on this trip than I have before in my life. The places and the travel weren’t the rewards. The rewards were the accomplishment. bravery. confidence. The fact that I could and I did are things you don’t experience a lot in our culture these days.

You’ll never feel ready: I’ve heard people tell me before that anything worth doing will probably be scary. Whether it’s restarting your life, embarking on a grand adventure, having kids, going back to school, shifting careers…etc. You’ll probably never feel ready and talk yourself out of things that are really important to you, but take it from me. Dive in. Once you’re in it, you figure it out and you make it because you want it.

Luke and I don’t know what’s next for us. We hope to get set up close to his family in Kansas City and maybe have a family of our own in the next few years, but leaving ourselves open to adventure and diving in we could end up anywhere. This blog will now be filled with more tips and tricks starting with “what’s in our car” and recipes for the road. We hope you keep checking back and that we’ve inspired you to have your own adventure.

2 thoughts on “Our Adventure is just beginning

  1. So proud of you!! In my 84 years we have had many adventures and lived what I look back on as a wonderful life. Peace and happiness come when you “Go with God”. Again, I share my verses, Proverbs 3:5,6
    Love to you and Luke from Granddad and me. Please know that we pray for you every day.

  2. I love this post! The last few paragraphs especially. There really is never a good time to uproot your life, but since we made the decision to do it.. things have fallen into place pretty perfectly. I wish more people would take the leap to follow a dream. Excited to see how you two restart your life! Best of luck 🙂

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