Shoester, we’re not in Phoenix anymore.

Shoester, we’re not in Phoenix anymore.


Hi! Sorry for any words spelled wrong, I can’t get my feet to hit the keys in the right spots. Woof, oh well.

My mom told me I should introduce myself, so hi I’m Sox. Well, at least to my human friends.

I wanted to tell you a story about my first real road trip … I think that’s what those are called. Did you hear we’re doing that? Well, it was news to me. I’ll tell you how I found out.

First, all this stuff I used to sniff went into these big brown squares and I couldn’t have them anymore. Then, that big bed in the living room that I lay on and my humans sit on? Yeah, that disappeared. But the worst was the bed in the other room where my humans lay down….somehow that left too! I sniffed out that something was happening, but they didn’t tell me what (at least not in my native tongue).

One day mom and dad took us in the car and we drove up to my auntma’s cabin. She smells like my mom, so I think they are related. Anyways, while we were there more humans arrived and they kind of smelled like my dad. Shoe and I really enjoyed that weekend. We got lots of play and walk time, but then we drove back in the car and this time we went to some foreign place! That’s when I really started asking some questions. I just stared my mom in the face and she responded by scratching my ears … I was none the wiser. A few days later, I thought we were finally going home, but that’s when I realized after jumping in the car that something was different. I buckled in and stared out the window.

Four hundred or so hours later we got out and it smelled new to me and Shoe. That’s when I realized we were on a road trip and I wasn’t going back to my comfy bed for awhile. But I’m cool with that you know? I’m the cool adventure dog who loves being in the car. Sticking my head out the window, feeling the cool breeze in my hair and navigating for my parents is the best thing in the world. My brother though? He’s not so sure about the whole car thing, so sometimes I’d go lay down and “pretend” to sleep … just to help him feel better.

Finally, we stopped for awhile and went into a house. This house was weird, it just had one of those beds my humans laid on…but no other rooms. I had never been in a house like this before. The worst part about it was that I could hear dog intruders everywhere. I had to stand watch all night.

After that ruff night we got back in the car, and I’ll admit I was pretty tired. Mom and dad seemed like they had this whole navigation thing down so I slept for a few minutes while they finished driving. The car stopped, we got out and went on a nice walk. This place smelled even more different! There were plant and animals smells everywhere, it was so exciting.

After our walk they led us into another house, this one seemed pretty normal. Rooms that had sitting and laying beds, a food making place. I also heard dog intruders barking and I could smell a CAT. I had to investigate and make sure my mom and dad were safe. Dad took me downstairs to meet these enemies and I realized we could actually be friends…. well maybe not my new cat girlfriend, but she’ll come around. Relief set in, I didn’t have to destroy anyone today.

Shoester and I don’t really know where we are or why we are here yet, but my mom and dad are here so everything is going to be just fine.

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