Visiting the Homeland

Visiting the Homeland

After Joshua Tree National Park, Luke and I drove to Payson, Arizona. It was two hours “out of the way” on our trip but a place that meant a lot to us. Not only did we camp a lot in Payson, but we also got married there. Since it’s only an hour and a half from Phoenix it made a great weekend trip and also had beautiful scenery. It was weird to be driving and not need maps and camp websites to help us navigate. The feeling of being home definitely crept up on me.

We spent a relaxing weekend in Payson, complete with some hiking excursions and interacting with boy scout troops. The specific spot we camp is right off the 89 freeway just outside of Payson and is a well-known boy scout spot apparently. We highly recommend this spot for anyone looking to camp near Payson. I couldn’t tell if the dogs recognized home as I did, but they definitely seemed to enjoy the spot as well.

Our two nights there weren’t too eventful, but Luke did finally get to fulfill his bratwurst craving he’d had the whole trip. We bought those 36″ long skewers for meals like this and we didn’t even use them. haha! I’m adding this one to the “things we didn’t need to bring” list. Anyway, they were delicious and well worth the wait in my opinion.

Before we got to Payson I had coordinated driving back to Phoenix with my aunt who was two hours north of Payson at the time. So, after we packed up our stuff Luke dropped me off to meet up with her and he got some much needed alone time. It was nice having a few hours of alone time to catch up with my aunt too!

Speaking of catching up, that is what we did a lot of for the next few days. I visited old coworkers/friends and Luke visited a friend that he worked with on art in the past. It was great being able to see people but weird to be a visitor in your hometown. This was the first time on the trip I think I finally admitted that to myself, I’m an Arizona visitor now… not a resident. It also drove home the fact that I didn’t know what was next for Luke and me. See, we have no jobs or friends in Kansas City. He has some family, but really this is a new start for both of us and that is terrifying and exciting. Usually, I am defeated by fear like this and I really wanted to use this time as a chance to learn how to let fear motivate me. This whole trip had been about bravery and adventure, but why did it have to stop there? I want to live every day facing fear and pushing through it. So, I kicked it into high gear and started applying for jobs in the Kansas City area.

With two more official stops on the trip, our time is coming to an end and I have mixed emotions about it. I’m excited to see what life has in store for us, but first I need to see what San Antonio had in store.

Stay brave friends,

– the Beaucampers

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